Monday, 8 October 2012

Twitter Features For Better Tweeting

Summary: The twitter is hugely popular for its short sentence messaging and the reach to people. Earlier, there was message strip flashing on its website where it was possible to see others' tweets, but now it is not so. In case of your name on the twitter page is Altered then it can be rectified by using 'Contact' tab or other similar tab on its website; some even may leave Twitter because of this.
 Here are some Features and  Apps that may be used for better tweeting.

Connect Button : the 'connect' button lets you see what to follow and who followed you or interacted with you.
Long tweets : Sometimes you think you want to say in more than bits than #longreads can be used to this, also use to give link on twitter.
Search option: There is also ‘search option’ missing on user’s page, if there is an option available then search for ‘#’(e.g. #icc); keybord shortcut such as ‘?’, ‘/’ and ‘r’(for retwitting).

Facebook selective app to update on FB; To know who has stop following you, see

Twitter Related Apps: Some Apps lets you manage your tweets and other functions such as Rtweetdeck(for arranging tweets feeds), Rseesmic ( manage fb and twitter), Rtwitter's own(works on all mobile os), and Rhootsuite (update even youtube).

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