Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Choosing Mobile Device?

As more and more traffic is generated from mobile devices, the choice of appropriate device is important.
Here, the attempt has been made to elaborate this by  Infographics.

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Points To Know Before Buying Mobile Phones(Smartphones)

As the mobile phones are becoming inherent part of peoples’ lives, it requires some understandings to choose the one that is right for you from many models available in the market of different companies. The fact that it’s not only communication device but also as a personal planner, news reader, multimedia and other applications. 

 The features that you may consider before buying the mobile phones are:

  •   The functionality or service that it can offer such as multimedia messaging, text messaging, games, email communication, dual SIM(global roaming (GSM)+GSM or GSM+CDMA facilities ), music, LED flash and the specific apps that are required for special tasks(office apps, location based apps or GPS, photo sharing(for this, 8 MP camera might be sufficient), etc.). There are many phones available on different operating systems, but the Androids, iOS and Windows are the major OS-based ones which have wide array of Smartphone-based applications. One OS's apps may not work with other OS's phone. Mobile Phones or Tablets usually have less RAM(1 MB, required for high-performance apps, videos), less processor speed (>1 GHz is required for smooth Internet surfing or Internauting ) and less hard-drive space(for Tablets);  usually no other facilities such as USB port, HDMI port, graphic processor, and high-paced gaming support (available in laptops). Sensors, now a major part of all smartphones, offer flexibility in using phones: Gyroscope makes you view phone even when you tilt it, light sensor makes reading possible even in dim lights or bright lights,proximity sensor switches off when you move away from the phone. Dual cameras,  front for selfies and rear for other photos. Screen size vary from model to model, 5" is fine with smartphones and 7" to 10" for Tablets.
  •  The Wireless Service Provider: the coverage it can offer- the mobile phones work in some limited range, the monthly service plan, if you are traveler then you need phone with global wireless standard(GSM), and 3G OR 4G for speedier data transfer.
  •   The Product Design of the Phone: do you need flipping phones? Or just slim and sleek one, or with cover and screen ( capacitive touch-screen is better than resistive one), the one which matches your personality?, easy to use and on ear.
  •   Connectivity with computers and other devices(Bluetooth and USBs), accessories such as batteries (3000mAh or higher is better), power bank ones charged lets charge phone without the need of electrical outlet, headphones and microphones, SD card and card reader, gorilla glass(can't scratch), stylus,   data cable charger or OTG cable(USB cable), and user manual,  readily available?. 
 At last you do not want to clutter things up in a phone by adding unnecessary features while considering the cost of cell phone. The major manufacturers of mobile phones are Nokia, Apple, LG, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung. The bargain offers that are available for choosing the phone with most of  the required functionalities might be considered. 

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