Friday, 1 February 2013

How Safe Is Your Online Data?

There were news reports of security attacks on big businesses of the world and how they survived it as reported by

  As the corporates are vulnerable to attacks, what can be said about users who are unaware of various types of cyber attacks. Security threats cannot be ignored and cannot be covered in single article.

 Whenever you connect to the Internet or use email, cloud storage(Drop box and others), downloading sites or gaming sites, and smartphone app stores such as Google play store, iTunes store or Windows market place, there are possibilities of attacks. But there is a some relief as most of the well-known service providers have robust security that is not easy to penetrate. The competition or the other reasons that insider of a company may be breaching your data.

 If I start writing the cures it will be complicated at first because of the large numbers of issues involved in it. has many such news reports that one may read. I will update this space...

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