Friday, 14 June 2013

3 Interesting iPHONE/iPad Apps

Wikilife: Wikilife is developed for logging your health data and share it to see how it relates with others to know what keeps you happy; developed by The Health Logger Foundation as a free version.  This app is for iPad/iPhone . Get it from 


iPhone Screenshots

 Capital City:This is a simple game that lets you find capital city around the world. As a free version,

iPhone Screenshots

South Surfer: This app or game is for surfing virtually in your gadget’s screen, gigantic waves,  easy control; when you turn your cellular phone, its surfing board also turns up. The gravity sensor makes you feel life surfing on real waves! And when you touch or shake your phone , it jumps! It uses 3D physics engine for calculating buoyncy and gravity!
 Experience of real surfing. Get it from

 iPhone Screenshots


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