Saturday, 22 June 2013

Carbon Calculating App And Some Ways For Tackling Climate Change That Don’t Work And Some That Might Work

It is believed that carbon emission affect environment and that climate-change or global warming is attributed to it. The Internet  has also been the target of producing as much as or more carbon dioxide than any other process in the world. So, for anybody who wants to measure how much CO2 is produced of living then this App, is there.  You can measure your carbon emissions for personal, business or corporate level and take action too. The CO2 from air travel, vehicle, electricity usages, and public transport , all can be measured country wise here. Although   I’m not  selling this app, it can be a handy tool.

Extreme Weather conditions, the summer getting hotter and winter even more chilling, or harsh heat waves in some part of world and torrential rain or flash floods in other,  are  believed to be caused by green house gases(SO2, NO2,  CO2, and particles). You might say, are there any human interference?

By the way, there are various measures  that  have been taken to mitigate this. We may be using energy efficient appliances, standard electric  appliances(as specified on it), solar apparatus or electricity from renewable energy sources and pine needles. Recycle and reuse, reduction of wastage, and power cuts , which are just not enough yet!, otherwise climate change and other problems couldn't  exist.

The natural air-conditioners or trees are the best way to counter the climate change. May be, urbanization and industrialization have added to climate change more than what the natural air-conditioners can compensate for. The use of “green fuels”- fuel  from bio sources, sugar and hydrogen that reduces GHGs– which may be available soon(according to some news), which can be sustainable or not is not a question here.

The other way is to use “The Artificial Trees”(which might be a novel approach). The artificial trees might be   more than just purifying the air; it can produce power form solar energy and reduce climatic changes in the atmosphere. These also can be used  within a city in a decorative way.  

The newer way of dealing with climate change or global warming as described above and that are already   in use might counter the effect of climate change.   

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