Friday, 12 July 2013

Tips For Choosing Projectors

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Multimedia projectors are very much at service for office  document presentations, but with the progress in technology, nowadays, projectors are packed with more functionalities and features. So more choice to unscramble which can be made less arduous, here, with the tips described cursorily.

Projectors work by producing images on screen by passing light through LCDs (in LCD projectors), or by reflection in DLP (digital light processing) projectors or producing images by the use of LEDs(light emitting diodes). LED projectors are smaller and require less maintenance among the three .  The lamp life in DLP and LCD require it to be changed more frequently than in LEDs. Movie projectors work by imparting light on reels of film frames by the effect of mirroring and lens and producing the images on the white surface or screen whilst synchronizing sound with the frames.

There are various types of projectors such as 3D, wireless, pocket (size of 2.4”x6.3”x5.3” and weight  of apprx. 1.0 kgs), portable and interactive;  be it for conference room, class room and home theater.

Functionalities: Office document presentations are supported in the most of the projectors, however there are other functions more than just presentation. The USB, HDMI ports allow connection of TV and computer with it if the cables are provided, providing high-quality digital video;  and even  FM transmitter to broadcast audio to any sound system with an FM radio tuner.

Light Output:  The lamp should produce equal to or more than 270 lumens of brightness of light on the screen to be able to have nice viewing  with appropriate size of image. The various modes, as an extra specifications as mentioned on the product itself and adjustable, allow better color output and contrast. and have reviews of many projectors.

Resolution: XGA or 1024x768 as against 800x600 or SVGA produces better document or images as it has more pixel density, lines and gradients appear distinctively.

These are  not the ultimate guidelines on projectors but covers almost all attributes.

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