Friday, 11 October 2013

Things To know About Refrigerators

Nowadays,  refrigerators  have acquired many new options and functionalities which make it more or less  profound to choose the best for your needs. The new features added to enhance its basic functionalities make it more than a fridge or an entertainment gizmo! This overview is concerned with the matters that are important while  figuring out the most suitable one which will give you the best return for your bucks or satisfaction.

The refrigerators work on the principles of cooling hot air by mainly the process of compressor, condenser and cooling agents. More on this and repair:

Types of Refrigerators:
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There are four options, for domestic consumers,  pertaining to the styles of refrigerators. Top Freezer  “fridge” or  refrigerator has the freezer on the top   and offers more variety in terms of colors and price, but probably less of the features. Bottom Freezer has freezer located at bottom and similar to Top Freezer unit, for reaching out to ice or icecream  easily!  Side-by-side is compartment style one, frozen foods on the left and fresh foods on the right. French Door combines the drawer style of  bottom-freezer unit with the doors of Side-by –side unit, provides more space than any of above style of fridges. Compact or portable style for accommodating in narrow spaces. Others are RVs, uses different energy sources to power them.

Specifications and Performance:
Most of the refrigerator are available in various capacities,  e.g. 200 liters and  above;  Defrosting methods such as Frost free, automatic, cyclic and semi automatic, which are just different way of cooling. Other things are  deodorizing (as fresh air is available, only inside and outside cleaning is required!), inverter (when light goes off, it works), door lock , door cooling, bottle rack ( holds bottle firmly?),  water dispenser and different company specific features(e.g. door cooling tech, etc.). As many brands of refrigerators are available to choose from, it comes to your own choice and availability.

The performance parameters would be  good energy efficiency, less noise producing, energy cost/year, total usable capacity, interior width and depth as well as exterior height and width. Ratings, usually specified on it, are based on above criteria.

 As more different models come in the market from time to time, the on-fridge display with automatic controls (“smart features”) and internet connectivity might be available.

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