Saturday, 1 March 2014

About Wearable Gadgets

 It is now the possibility to  embed  processor with any device (as in mobile phones, camera)
makes it a computing device and the size of that device also can be reduced  to make it  wearable . The trend set by wearable gadgets in 2014, although it was quite there,  may be due to Consumer Electronics Expo and the overwhelming  usage of mobile phones. This article is dealt with it in mostly general manner.
This year’s CES displayed a few of wearable tech from watch, smartglasses and Wearable Fitness gadgets  to speakers with variable features . Also there are iWatch and Google glass. The most important features should be in wearable tech would be of smartphone’s functionalities , and with more capacity.
Google Image

Smartphones provide most of the functionalities of a computer though in limitations. The voice recognition search and perhaps voice enabled Office applications, graphic intensive games, Bluetooth and wifi, camera functions and other applications. Most of the smartphones have optimum screen size and virtual keyboard for  possible activities on phone.   

Design of Wearable PC
The most important thing would be how you want to wear it; on wrist, a tag, jacket, gloves, jewelry, glass or embedded with clothes. The custom made PC will have its functionalities and style in sync. The wearable PC  would be a need as well as a style statement. This is now possible with Intel’s SD CARD size PC. The second thing would be its display mostly for Office applications; foldable and opaque plastic screens might do the  task. The other things would be, as mentioned above, voice recognition, internet connectivity, virtual keyboard, stylus support, multimedia apps and so on.

As there are wearable gadgets competing against  one another, more such fascinating facilities might be available.

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