Saturday, 19 July 2014

Fact Matter Of Karen

There was a time when it seemed that rain will be a hard commodity in this year but  finally rain
has made its way to the region bringing a relief for all the living organisms from  hot weather. The seasonal crops will be in place without loosing much of it. Let’s see what this rain revives the vegetation of our world

The flora and fauna of  the Nature and mostly native regions have one or more properties that are exploited usually to solve problematic issues of our world. Karen(not scientific name), a type of plant, is one such mostly for  gardening. There are scientific names given to plants and classified accordingly. Karen is found in Gujarat (and may be in other parts of the world, or probably a variant) and native to region. Karen, which grows like tree, has more than one property that can be expendable in perplexing problems.

One such characteristic is that Karen’s bud secrets liquid (when it is plucked) that has potential to cure microbial infections of topical in nature. The cactus type of plant has more or less same type of liquid. Although more scientific study is required  to establish it as definite cure, its medicinal benefits can not be dismissed.

The second thing about Karen is that it grows faster compared to other plants or tree in the study in varied soil conditions, which makes it a plant of choice for landscaping. This property might be  attributed to its small leaves.

The perennial yellow flowers of Karen that  it bears is another important peculiarity which can be used for making dyes for coloring clothes or for printing organic way. One disadvantage of this plant is that its trunk grows thinly which bends upon its weight at full growth, however, which can be adjusted with some rope tied to more solid support. Without going for mythological or folklore importance, Karen is an important gift from Nature.

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