Monday, 1 October 2012

The Impact of The Internet

The Internet came into existence to support critical applications and with commercialization of the internet, the Internet became powerful medium no less than other mediums with some highs and lows. The Internet provides not only infohighway but also global market exposure, and access to government's programs.
The Internet provides opportunity to market your products around the globe. New business model emerges and help in getting your product to the world. The cost of accessing, making and maintaining a website might be a limiting barrier. In some cases, large companies in order to establish their monopoly, may violate your right of equitable access to Internet resources , what would you do may be important in such cases but the Internet governing body, , might be helpful. The United Nations working group on Internet governance's job is to manage issues related to development of fair use of the Internet and so for development of global societies at large. There are other online entities that deals with this kinds of issues such as and The world of Internet should be free from such "mundane conflicts".
The webapps are the vehicle on which the Internet thrives on. The twitter, facebook, and other social apps are a good way to connect socially although in state of flux and other applications (such as web authoring app, email, and many more) are the better way to connect otherwise. Nevertheless, the Internet is a better way to do things that were not possible before.

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