Saturday, 6 October 2012

Why Not To Buy From, The Online Shopping Website

Summary:Nowadays,  online shopping seems to be gaining interest as per the huge trade has been reported on other sites, but  good  services are required otherwise the hot interest goes cold. This is what the case  of
Because of advantages of convenience of getting products of choice and perhaps desired value or quality,  you might go for online shopping. As online shopping portals offer speedy dispatch of variety of products not available at local markets and payment options. Sometimes it happens that delivered products don’t have desired features as per claims or defective . Unless you try one of these sites, you may believe the claims made by these sites, by visually enticing descriptions, are true. Do they really have substance ?
What about This is one site that offers variety of  either china-made or perhaps locally-made and not locally available products  with flexible payment options –cash on delivery or by credit cards. This site is also advertised in leading news papers such as The Times of India and others. One such product from these site is Wespro Netbook computer(windows Ce operating system, 7” screen, free optical mouse, wi-fi, etc.). Although at one glance this PC has most of  the ingredients  the PC should have  but “practical look” narrates a different story. 
Personal Computer: The Wespro pc  is not compatible with external applications, so other apps can not be downloaded; not even anti-virus software! The apps in this pc are not compatible with other operating systems such as windows xp and  even the latest  windows 7. The already installed apps in this pc such as Youtube and Mail  don’t  work and can’t install other ones. They might be not using genuine windows CE operating system or other defects in it. The Internet Explorer produces a lot of warnings and cookies and so that    spoils  the whole web-experiencing fun. This site also does not provide required services or repairs, and  the manufacturer of this pc. This site has complain-addressing form but produces errors and nobody responds to your emails. In this case,  this site seems to be  believing in defective products and bad service to consumers!  And no responsibility of “customer value”.
Tips: As  long as the commitment to good service is not there, the confidence in dealing with these sites are far from glancing. Then there are other things that can not be ignored, the financial transactions over the Internet, privacy and so on.
What consumer can do is 1) lodge a complaint at online options  not much powerful  2) lodge a complaint with government of india’s site, if this site is working  3) or the “unconventional approach”! – “direct take on”

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