Friday, 13 September 2013

About Kindle E-Book Readers

E-book reading devices are very much here and preferred because of their ease of use and large storage space (can hold more than 1000 books). Although there are other e-book readers in the market, the most popular e-book reader is Amazon’s Kindle. It is now available around the world. It is mostly preferred because of its lightweight,  long battery life, large storage space among other features. Here, let’s check on the latest from this class, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle  Paperwhite.

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Kindle Paperwhite

Paperwhite hasWI-FI, 3G functionalities; books can be downloaded from Amazon store without a computer over  the Internet. Paperwhite is screen technology with built-in light and multi-touch with good resolution and screen size is 6 inches, which means you can see sharpest text and images. More battery life (28 hours) and dedicated content availability (e.g.   magazines, books, newspapers and blogs). Most of the document formats are supported ( TXT, DOC, PDF, HTML) in these models which are similar to iPAD. Text-to Speech is not supported in Paperwhite but supported in Kindle Fire, you can listen instead of reading if tired, perhaps. Kindle Fire HD has compliant of most of the audio formats and  image formats.  Also, there are other additional features, varies from manufacturers to manufacturers, such as built-in dictionary, highlighting of  favorite passages and others.
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Altogether, if you like to read books on digital screen rater than old way (days of paper books gone?) then this is for you with convenience of downloading online (more ebooks are freely available) without going to book store and better experiential features.

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