Monday, 9 September 2013

About Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are not just for heating the food but nowadays a way of preparing a delicious meal. Most of the recipes are based on microwave. Let’s see what these are and noteworthy things to keep at hand.

Microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves of frequency range from 1000 megahertz(MHz) to 300,000 MHz, corresponding to a wavelength range from 300 mm to 1 mm. The microwave  just makes water molecules in food (on rotating platform) to vibrate, producing heat, which spreads throughout the food by induction. More on at (though it's not recommended by academicians).

Oven Types:
Besides microwave oven, There are various types of ovens such as Electric ovens (works on electricity), Gas ovens( if using gas ), Built-In (built directly into wall) and Double ovens ("two ovens stacked on top of or alongside one another, which allows them to cook at separate temperatures, for cooks who prepare large meals and need the versatility that two ovens offer"). More on  it at:

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Microwave Oven

Microwave Types:
There are various types of microwave ovens as well: over the range, convection, built-in, commercial and  countertop. “Countertop models are found in most households; all you need is access to a wall plug and the surface space” and “Microwave ovens with convection features are energy savers that employ a heating element and a fan that moves the hot air around inside the oven. The result is even cooking temperatures and tasty food” according to

The most important thing in choosing microwave is to have its  size and capacity to muster on, as it should fit in your kitchen and fulfill cooking needs. Next thing would be the power that it can deliver. Most of the consumer microwaves are in the range from 600 to 1200 watts. Professional microwaves can deliver upwards of 1500 watts. Too much of power can results in overcooked food. The size of turntable and lighting, for  cooking all sides  equally. Other part would be the features that it offers, from  manufacturers to manufacturers, such as programmable menu screens, automated timers, cooking options, sensor cooking (adjusts cooking and defrosting time by setting power levels automatically), One-Touch Reheat, Multi-lingual Menu Action Screen,Inverter Technology ( delivers fine flavor to your foods and retains perfect color, just like with conventional oven cooking. No overcooking of the edges and surfaces), and keep warm feature (allows food warm until ready to serve).
Although mobile phones have been reported to be causing various ailments because of its radiation of EMWs,  there are no reports of any harm by microwave ovens!

Advancement in technology  brings in more features and accessories to next level cooking, and may be with its own different aspects.

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