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The Question Of Rare Birds Of India

The Sparrows are one of the most common bird in Indian cities and are known for making their nest around and inside residential places. For few years they didn't show up, but some time ago they have been spotted. So, they might be back but could not find friendly place to stay. Although not all  birds have same habitat , it might be true for the other rare species of birds. This article is concerned  with suggesting other possible  reasons for their rarity.

           Great Indian Bustard                Google Image

The Great Indian Bustard is one such rare bird or endangered bird(because of threats) found mostly in Gujarat’s Kutch region. This bird is having threat from their grassland is converted to agricultural land and other factors. I wrote to Greenpeace to start a campaign for protection of this magnificent  bird  before it has been lost. Let’s see what are the other rare or endangered birds:

There are more than 1000 birds found in India of which more than 50 are considered to be endangered according to IUCN( International Union for Conservation of Nature ). Here are the list of some of them:

 White Winged Wood Duck, Sarus Crane , Pink-headed Duck (sc name: Rhodonessa caryophyllacea), Himalayan Quail (Ophrysia superciliosa), Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus), and much more. maintains a list of endangered species.

There are various serious reasons for their rarity, from environmental to outside intervention. But there might be other possibilities of their endangerments.

  •           Real birds are not on Twitter otherwise it would have been known of their problems!
  •           Concrete jungles don’t make very good habitat for most of the endangered ones.
  •           Some birds have seasonal habitat, so they might have gone outside India.
  •           But this election time they might be back! Or show up for voting?
  •           Some people may not consider them  “rare” or “endangered”.
  •           They are not under control of any authorities, this is good as well as bad.
  •           Vegetarians don’t know whether they exist or not.

  • It might be cumbersome to tackle varieties of  birds  even for environmentalist. At last tweet about this to make it heard to authorities.

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