Thursday, 3 April 2014

2 Ways Of Reducing Carbon Emissions

The summer  is not far from here in India and you may go for switching  on your air-conditioning system sooner or later. It came to the notice that if the air-conditioning system is not geared up for environmental friendliness, it can not be energy efficient .

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The tool developed by FilmTak, a software, called as window films Carbon Emission Reduction Calculator (CERC) measures energy efficiency of air-conditioner by obtaining carbon emission reduction for the system. This is after tinting of windows. Nothing more can be said about the tool as this is a preliminary test measurements, according to news. But  for split ACs used in India, this  might  not work.
There are tools for measuring carbon emissions, as discussed in earlier articles.

Lots of wheels are discarded which adds to carbon emissions. But  by Wheel recycling and repairing this can be altered to environmental wellness, according to news. Metals in wheels can be reused and refined into another pure product.

These are just  ways of reducing carbon emissions, however, the variables are too much far off to be tempered with for environmental wellness.

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