Thursday, 2 April 2015

Time Quotient (TQ)

Everybody knows the importance of time or “time is money” and so on. Whether it is important or you prefer to  give much importance, time always plays a crucial role in our lives. So, what it means of having “Time Quotient” or TQ.

How national or international events affect your life or do not affect at all which needs to be comprehended to make effective decision in your life to take charge of your life or someone else! Socio-political events affect most of the people . In another scenario, earthquake in one part of the country may not harm you but what if your house comes under its geological hit area.

Time Detection
Trend-spotting comes under TD. Finding the right time in even hard times is crucial. What message or philosophical conclusions are given by history or festive events which to some degree have influence on our lives. How much pleasure can be derived from given situations is part of determining the time. To decide timelessness of any work is complex but measureable quantity.

It is an understanding of time with respect to the geography as one’s surroundings and situations impact one’s decision. Time is considered as fourth dimension because everything revolves around it, even on earth and galaxies have different time zones.

Time Management
In a given situation, how you manage tasks efficiently or optimize time determines . To complete some task, you need to allot time, men, and money  effectively. Following table will show how to manage the time.

 Activity to do
 Activity actually happened
Reason| Directions to
                    Do next
9:30 TO 10:30  
Mood          Have Coffee 
         .                                            .                                                        .                     .                  .
         .                                            .                                                         .                     .                 .                                     
         .                                            .                                                         .                      .                 .                                      

As relationships or friendships are fluctuating or dependent on materialistic incentives rather than on love, extra work is required to maintain it or adapted to varying degrees of equation.

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