Wednesday, 22 April 2015

For Pesticides-Free Tea

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Many  people start of f their day a with a fresh cup of normal tea. With availability of varied types of tea- green tea, mint tea, region specific teas and so on- one never goes monotonous in drinking the tea. If you love drinking the tea- drinking in 44 degree Celsius hot summer, or sipping it for health reasons, or just addicted to it and wants it to be adulteration free  then this campaign is important for you.

According to Greenpeace organization’s report on various tea producers around the country, such as Bamandanga and Tondoo Tea Estate in Nagrakata, Jalpaihuri, West Bengal and other gardens  that the tea is highly concentrated with pesticides, which you may see in the form of dark color that it gives when making a strong tea. The pesticides are used to protect the tea crops, excessive use of it just spoil the tea. This is due to increased resistance to pesticides used which aggravates the more use of pesticides. Although the cultivation area for producing tea has been increased, it faces many challenges as of stagnation of tea production, climate-change, and others.

The aim is to promote organic farming so that natural flavors of  tea leaves can’t fade away. As various farming techniques have yielded higher production of tea, more efforts are underway to sustain it. Tea growers at small-scale can benefit  handsomely if government supports manufacturing and marketing of tea produce.

I support this campaign in collaboration with Greenpeace India, and you  can too by clicking the link. Your  support can make a difference as some companies have agreed to pesticide-free tea.  If you are a customer of Vaagh Bakri  tea then you might have noticed extra red color even after few minutes of boiling which makes me support this campaign. As there many players in tea production, the competition can possibly spoil the morning cuppa.

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