Friday, 19 June 2015

For Solar Street Lights

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The Abundance of sunlight that India gets should be utilized at best otherwise it would be a waste of the gift from Nature. There are efforts underway to fulfill this by the friends of environment and with your support, government approval will be on the way. Street lights if powered by solar energy then it can save electricity.

By employing solar street lights, it will reduce the dependence on fossil fuels   which will not further add to environment degradation. Solar lamps have been already in use in some parts of the country.  The solar street lights, once installed, will not be difficult to operate and provide instant relief from darkness. This can be alamode for other areas of solar power use.

There are residential and commercial solar systems available in the market. The simple generic solar system comprises of solar panels which converts sunlight into electric current, inverter for storing electrical energy,  batteries and charger controller. More portable system is possible. There are DIY kit available. The cost of installing solar system might not be a limiting factor. Solar energy is the purest form of clean energy or renewable energy. The complete security from electricity bills for years and the price rise burden.

 By using low-energy LEDs CFLs, energy efficiency is achievable. 

The following  link will send the email to proper government official to make it happen:

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