Saturday, 5 September 2015

Times Odyssey

Watch video of our times on earth
and in the universe.
(This video made with Flipagram and used some Google Images.)
click here for video: Times Odyssey

As people came to Know the possibility that we are not alone in the universe    or there are aliens in the far... far... galaxies, the excitement of finding lives in the space might not end.

There are innumerable galaxies float in the entire universe even before time presented to human beings.
The time exists because of the sun as our planetary system revolves around the sun. The importance of the sun on our lives and our time-cycle cannot be diluted. The gravitational effect of the sun and the earth on the time fragments it into different time zones. The time won't exist if there were no sun.

The intelligence of the universe or the god-particle with inbuilt intelligence may define the origin of the life or earth, as if born out of  the sun.

Many life forms manifested themselves on the earth and gone or passed onto other life forms questioning their existence and answering somewhat. Some passed onto...without questioning.

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