Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Journey To Mars

 Is it possible to live on the Mars when the proof of water  is available? The speculation of the possibility of life on the Mars has already started. ...

The discovery of Mars by NASA and subsequent photographing of Mars and proof of water by its various spaceships Viking voyager, Curiosity lander and  so on, lead us to the speculation of the possibility of life there.

However, to transport huge number of people out there and establish colonies there are a very distant dream. Although the seasonal atmosphere is like the earth, it's still  not like the earth. There is no sign of any life forms or little sign of life forms. To grow vegetation is a daunting task. Without enough supply of water, oxygen and food, any life forms cannot be sustained.  To consider socio-economic problems at this time would be stopping the endeavour. At least, we can grow desert like vegetation on the Mars or the controlled  use of light and moisture in farming.

The Mars is the only earth-like planet in our solar system. The hoping from earth to Mars with possible stay on intermediate planets or  comets or space stations would make the journey exciting.

As there are few countries striving hard for the Mars, they all want to claim life there.   Not a few of us might want to go to the Mars as there are no wars or conflicts that make it difficult to live on the earth!?

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